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    W A Bohannon of Henry, age 30, 1st marriage, farmer, born Henry, father and mother born Shelby, and Mrs Mary E Baugh of Shelby, age 25, 2nd marriage, born Shelby, widow of James H Baugh, born Shelby, father and mother born Shelby, married February 16, 1865 at Dr Blaydes, bondsman - W D Blaydes.
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    I will tell you what I believe to be the story of James and Judy Harris and family.

    James Harris was born in NC. We believe he followed his father, Reuben to TN prior to the 1820's. There he married Judy Bohannon, the 17 year old daughter of Lewis Bohannon, a wealthy land owner, stock trader, and farmer who inherited his father, William's revolutionary war land grant. Lewis was a shrewd business man who grew to be arguably the most powerful man in White/Putnam counties by 1850.

    After marrying, James and Judy stayed for only a short time in TN and then headed for IL again following Reuben. They went to Schuyler Co. IL and later to McDonough Co. where Reuben stayed for the remainder of his life. However, James and Judy could not stay in one place for long. By 1844 they had headed for IA territory. Migrating there as well were John and Sally Stamps, Judy's younger sister and her husband. Also, Isaac Harris, James brother, headed there as well. The 1860 census for Wayne Co. shows James and Judy. The 1850 census for Appanoose Co. shows James and Judy's eldest child, Lewis (named for his grandfather, Lewis Bohannon), residing in the home of John and Sally Stamps, probably was a farmhand there. The Stamps were so fond of Lewis that they named one of their sons after him (Lewis Harris Stamps). Lewis ( Judy's son) stayed the rest of his life in the vicinity.

    Isaac Harris ended up in Jefferson Co. to the east of Appanoose Co.(here he lived the rest of his life) and at his residence, possibly Judy gave birth to at least two and possibly three of her twelve children. She may have gone there because of the isolation, the fierce IA winters and the need for midwife support. Wayne Co. IA of the 1840's, 1850's and into the 1860's was frontier country.

    Arriving in IA in 1844, Judy immediately gave birth to son Reuben on 3 May 1844. He is reputed to have been born in Lineville in Indian Territory (now part of Wayne Co.) but some records indicate his birth in what is now Lee Co. At that time, all of what is currently Wayne, Appanoose, Lee, Jefferson and more were part of Demoine Terr. (1836 census spelling of what is now Des Moines Co. in the very S.E. tip of the state). It may just be that Reuben's birth records ended up in Lee Co. since Wayne Co. was not organized until 1851 and first court house built about 1856.

    Reuben married Esther A. Walker in Wayne Co. on 19 JUN 1862. (Some researchers have mistakenly reported that date as the marriage to his second wife Mariah Jane). We believe Esther is the sister of Mary A. Walker who married Reuben's older brother Andrew the previous year. Esther and Reuben had nine children (5 daug. and 4 sons) before Esther died in 1885. Reuben shortly thereafter married Mariah Jane BETTIS Carriger(?) who was just four years older than Reuben's oldest daughter Alice. Reuben and Mariah had one son, Harvey born in 1887.

    Reuben served in the Union Army during the Civil War in the Forty Sixth Infantry Company H of Iowa Volunteers. His service was entirely in the year 1864. Reuben died 17 APR 1888 and is buried in Greer Cemetery in Clinton Twp., Wayne Co. IA Row 28 Plot 28.4; Esther is beside him in Plot 28.3.

    After Reuben's death, Mariah Jane was unable to care for the younger children so Frederick (age 8), Pearl Andrew (age 6), Betsy (age 4) all born of Esther, and Harvey (age 1) were placed in an (the county?) orphanage. Several years later, on 9 DEC 1895, Dr. William L. Bullis set up a guardianship for Harvey. Dr. Bullis was a physician who had practiced in Allerton since 1871 and possibly delivered all of the Harris children placed in the orphanage. On 16 March 1896, Dr. Bullis set up guardianships for both Pearl and Betsy. Frederick died in the orphanage about age 12.

    Later Pearl left the home of Dr. Bullis and became a farmhand working in the area. He went to work on the farm of Joseph Roskopf, an immigrant from Germany about 50 years earlier. There Pearl married Mary Katherine Roskopf, the youngest daughter in 1906. Their first son, Joseph Allen Harris ( my father) was born 21 FEB 1907 in Diagonal IA. The next year, 1908, the family moved to Sanborn Co. SD where Pearl and Mary would spend the rest of their lives.

    Jennifer, now that I have given you the "story" it occurs to me that you may really be more interested just in James line. However, the story helps when one needs to clean up errors in the "research". Attached is the story of the "Bohannons of VA and TN" that may be of interest. It shows how James intersected a wealthy, respected family of early TN.,.
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