• [S407] Eula Richardson Hasskarl, Shelby County Kentucky Marriages 1792-1833 Page 102, Marriage of John Wilcoxson and Lavina Rice, Garril Louis Kueber Sr.
    John Wilcoxson and Lavina Rice, married 13 Sep 1821. Bondsman - Jesse Rice, father of Lavina.
  • [S474] Kentucky Genealogy and Biography Volume VII (Copyright 1890 Excerpt from Kentucky Genealogy and Biography, Volume VII), Page 225, Garril Louis Kueber Sr,
    Richard H. Pace was born in Shelby County, November 16, 1835, a son of John M. and Sarah (Beckley) Pace. The father was born in Virginia, a son of Thomas and Nancy (Webb) Pace. Thomas was born in Virginia, came to Kentucky in quite an early day and explored the country, returned to Virginia and brought out his family and settled in Woodford County, Ky.; later moved to Franklin County and finally to Shelby County, where he died. He was a farmer and stock raiser all his life. Subject's mother was born in Virginia, a daughter of James and Betsey (Jones) Beckley, both natives of Virginia, who immigrated to Kentucky and settled in Henry County, subsequently moving to Indiana where they died. Richard H. was educated at the common schools and has been a farmer and stock raiser all his life. December 18, 1856, he married Mildred Miles of Shelby County, daughter of Abraham and Irene (Scroggins) Miles, and had three children, two living: Belle Alice and Sue Florence. Both daughters are very attractive, of pleasing manners, and great favorites with all who know them. Mrs. Pace is a member of the Baptist Church. Mr. Pace owns and resides on 182 acres of land in Jacksonville Precinct, Shelby County, Ky.
  • [S538] Mrs. Virginia Webb Howard, Bryan Station Heroes and Heroines1932, New Orleans Public Library possibly,.
  • [S852] Craig Family Genealogy, Ann Woodlief, this source may be viewed at http://www.vcu.edu/engweb/home/craig.html (no longer valid), reviewed update of August 20, 1997,
    http://www.vcu.edu/engweb/home/craig.html (on Feb 21, 2000 found at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Bluffs/4579/craig.html. Do not know if this is an update).
  • [S959] William Armstrong Crozier, Spotsylvania County Records 1721 - 1800 (Genealogical Publishing Co),1965, original copyright 1905, New Orleans Public Library.
    Deed Book D 1742-1751
    Page 174
    April 7, 1747. Taliver x Cragg and Mary, his wife, of St Geo. Par., Spts. Co, to Joseph Hawkins of sd. Par. and county. 5 curr. 200 a. on both sides of Terrys run, in Co. and Par. afsd., left by the last will of John Hawkins, Decd., to be divided between Mary, his wife, and four of his children (vizt.), Elizabeth Smith, Philemon Hawkins, Phebe Smith, and the sd. Mary Cragg. Witnesses, A Foster, Edmund Foster, Larkin Johnston. April 7, 1747

    Deed Book F 1761-1766
    Page 224
    Oct 1, 1761
    Thomas x Cooke and Elizabeth, his wife of Spts. Co., planters, to John Craig of sd. Co., planter. 10 curr. 60 a. in Spts. Co. John Faulconer, Lewis Craig, George x Criste. Octr 5, 1761

    Page 245
    John Faulconer and Joyce, his wife, of Spts. Co, planters, to John Craig, of same Co, planter. 12 curr. 100 a. in Co. afsd. and is part of land whereon sd. Faulconer lives, etc. No witnesses. Octr 7, 1765

    Deed Book J 1774-1782
    Page 317
    May 18, 1775. John Taliaferro and Lucy, his wife, to John Hardia. --. Lots 252 and 262 in town of Fredksbg., purchased from Wm Smith, as by Deed. July 17, 1762, etc. John Rose, G Weedon, Geo. Thornton. May 18, 1775

    Page 358
    June 30, 1781 Taliaferro x Craig of Orange Co. and Mary, his wife, to Wm Wiatt of Spts Co. 20,000 curr. 500 a. in Berkeley Par., Spts. Co. Jos Brock, Willm. Smith, Danl. Branham, Benony Williams. July 19, 1781.

    Page 359
    Augt. 15, 1781. John Craig of Spts. Co. and Sarah, his wife, to James Somerville of Fredksbg. 35,000 curr. paper. 471 a. on Robinson Run, in Spts. Co, whereon sd. Craig lives, etc. No witnesses. Augt 16, 1781.

    (copy of pages 174-175, 224-225, 244-245, 316-317, 358-359 in Garril Kueber's library).
  • [S2096] U.S. Census Kentucky 1850, Lewis Onan, Franklin Co, District 2, August 20, 1850, Page 81B, Dwelling 434, Family 437, Ancestry.com census images, National Archives Washington DC,
    Lewis Onan, age 37, male, farmer, born Kentucky, real estate 150
    Betsy Onan, age 39, female, born Kentucky
    Benjamin Onan, age 14, male, born Kentucky
    Polly Onan, age 12, female, born Kentucky
    Sally Onan, age 10, female, born Kentucky
    Thomas Onan, age 7, male, born Kentucky
    Lydia Onan, age 5, female, born Kentucky
    Nancy Onan, age 3, female, born Kentucky
    Charity Onan, age 1, female, born Kentucky
    Ransford Peyton, age 17, male, laborer, born Kentucky,.
  • [S2119] William G Scroggins, File on William Bohannon (1786-1865), Garril Louis Kueber Sr,unpublished, last updated July 30, 1998,Shelby County, Kentucky,Daniel Wilcoxson deed 1828,page 5,
    On the same day, 15 March 1828, that William and Jane Bohannon sold the above land to Daniel Wilcoxson, her parents Daniel and Sally Wilcoxson sold a tract of land on Big Benson Creek in Shelby County, containing 37 acres, 1 rood and 15 poles to James Miles for $260.,.
  • [S2330] Eula Richardson Hasskarl, Shelby County Kentucky Marriages 1792-1833 (May, 1983), Page 29, Marriage of Jesse Rice and Mrs Patsy Walker, Garril Louis Kueber Sr.
    Jesse Rice and Mrs Patsey Walker, widow, married June 26, 1806. Bondsman- George Marshall.
  • [S3064] Eula Richardson Hasskarl, Shelby County Kentucky Marriages 1792-1833 (May, 1983), Page 75, Marriage of Daniel Wilcoxson and Lucy Masterson, Garril Louis Kueber Sr.
    Brumley, Samuel, son of Daniel Brumley, and Eliza C Hodges, bond December 8, 1817, bondsman, Wm Hodges, father of Eliza.
    Wilcoxson, Daniel and Lucy Masterson, dau of John Masterson, married 10 Dec 1816, bondsman-Charles Masterson.
  • [S3065] E-mail from Jean T Millsaps, to Garril L Kueber, April 25, 2004.
  • [S3071] Sonya Garrett Havens, Photo of Daniel Wilcoxson's grave marker, Garril Louis Kueber Sr, June 24, 2003.
    I obtained directions from a compilation in 1997 by William G. Scroggins named "Daniel Wilcoxson".

    The barn is still standing on State Route 1005. We were led to the side of the barn by a lady who's renting on the property. She pointed out a headstone which was peering from tall weeds. My husband and I pulled up the grass and broke away small seedlings in it's immediate area. The stone itself is in good condition. I've attached a photograph of the site. If you refer to "Daniel Wilcoxson" by Mr. Scroggins he writes:
    In 1976 Mr. Brewer was operating a junk yard from a barn at the site of the grave. A single, small fieldstone, with no discernible inscription, was located in a clump of small trees, behind the barn, in what was, at one time, a fence now. The weedy site was scattered with litter and pieces of junk. Mr. Brewer, who knew by reputation that Daniel Wilcoxson was buried there, indicated that he intended to clean up the area. A second stone was not observed at that time, but the site probably was tidied up before the commemorative ceremony in 1977, when the surveyors may have found the second stone." (page 35)

    My husband and I searched the area surrounding Daniel's stone and could not locate another. I'm unsure why this is referred to as "Wilcoxson Cemetery" since Daniel appears to be the only one there. We also noticed remains of a very old stone directly in front of and below the one that now stands for Daniel (probably the original).
  • [S3607] U.S. Census Kentucky 1850, John W Dearing, Barren County, Second Division, August 14, 1850, Page 438B, Dwelling 498, Family 509, Ancestry.com census images, National Archives Washington DC,
    Dearing, John W, age 39, male, tavern keeper, born Kentucky
    Dearing, Nancy, age 24, female, born Kentucky
    Dearing, George H, age 5, male, born Kentucky
    Dearomg, William A, age 4, male, born Kentucky
    Dearing, Angelina, age 2, female, born Kentucky
    Dearing, Sarah M, age 4/12, female, born Kentucky,.
  • [S3608] U.S. Census Kentucky 1850, John L Wilcoxson, Barren County, Second Division, August 14, 1850, Page 438B, Dwelling 494, Family 505, Ancestry.com census images, National Archives Washington DC,
    Wilcoxson, John L, age 26, male, merchant, real estate 700, born Kentucky
    Wilcoxson, Eliza J, age 21, female, born Kentucky
    Minton, Clarissa, age 50, female, born Kentucky
    Minton, Margaret A, age 16, female, born Kentucky
    Minton, Sarah A, age 13, female, born Kentucky
    Minton, Narcissa, age 7, female, born Kentucky,.
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