• [S1900] Bedford County, Virginia Marriage Bonds, unknown author, this source may be viewed at http://www.rootsweb.com/~vabedfor/bedf-mar.htm, reviewed update of September 27, 2000,

    Dec. 15, 1778; Whitehead Ryan, Jr. & Mary Balenge Wade; Jesse Hilton, Surety.
    Feb. 8, 1779; Isaac Wade & Mary Stevens; Alexander Gibbs, Surety.
    May 22, 1780; Pierce Wade & Elizabeth Thurmond, dt John; John Miller, Surety.
    Mar. 8, 1783; Stephen Mitchell & Kitty Wade; Isaac Wade, Surety
    Oct. 28, 1786; Joshua Wade & Ann Boatright, dt William; Thomas McLaughlin, Surety; Married by James
    Mitchell, Nov. 2, 1786.
    Dec. 24, 1792; John Hensley & Mary Wade; Samuel Hensley, Surety; Consent of David and Frances Wade;
    Married by Jeremiah Hatcher, Jan. 1, 1793.
    Sep. 11, 1798; Thomas Smith & Anna Wade; James Wade, Surety.
    Feb. 17, 1800; Cornelius Roach & Elizabeth Wade, dt David and Fanny; James Wade, Surety.
    Oct. 31, 1800; Jacob Wade & Mary Branch; George Stone, Surety; Married by James Turner, Nov. 16,
    Nov. 25, 1800; Samuel Adams & Patsy Wade, dt Isaac; Archibald Wade, Surety; Married by Alderson
    Weeks, Nov. 27, 1800.
    Dec. 20, 1800; Jeremiah Wade & Peggy Weekes; Alderson Weekes, Surety; Married by Alderson Weeks,
    Dec. 23, 1800.
    Nov. 2, 1801; Joseph Riley & Lucy Wade; Jeremiah Wade, Surety; Married by Alderson Weeks, Nov. 5,
    Nov. 28, 1803; Archibald Wade & Nancy Weeks; Alderson Weeks, Surety; Married by Alderson Weeks,
    Dec. 5, 1803.
    Dec. 8, 1806; Gilbert Gibbs & Polly Wade, dt Isaac; Peter Forquerson, Surety; Married by Alderson Weeks,
    Dec. 9, 1806.
    Nov. 26, 1808; Isaac Wade & Polly Stephens; John Stephens, Surety.
    Dec. 19, 1808; Henry Stevens & Nancy Wade, dt Isaac, Isaac Wade, Surety.
    Dec. 9, 1809; John Wade & Jemima Reynolds, dt Jessee; Charles Reynolds, Surety.
    Feb. 15, 1813; Benjamin Bellamy & Fanny Wade; Jonas Reynolds, Surety.
    Dec. 6, 1815.; Ephrain Bondurant & Elizabeth Wade; Joseph Bondurant, Surety.
    Nov. 10, 1817; David Wade & Matilda Hewitt; Jno. Goode, Surety; Consent of Thomas and Fanny Hewitt.
    Mar. 2, 1818; Joseph Thompson & Patsy Wade; Jeremiah Wade, Surety; Married by William Leftwich,
    March 19, 1818.
    Jan. 13, 1819; James Wade & Sally Mosby, (or Moseby), dt Salley; Benjn. Hensley, Surety.
    Jan. 20, 1819; Richard Ballenger & Sally Wade, dt Isaac, Sr.; Alexander Wade, Surety; Married by William
    Leftwich, Jan. 21, 1819.
    Feb. 2, 1820; Alexander Wade & Polly E. Mitchell; William C. Mitchell, Surety; Consent of Samuel Mitchell;
    Married by John Ayers, Feb. 3, 1820.
    Jan. 1, 1822; Paschal B. Wade & Frances Bartee; Alexander Wade, Surety,.
    Mar. 29, 1824; Thomas Wade, s Jeremiah & Polly Weels, dt Sarah; Richard M. Wells, Surety.
    Feb. 6, 1826; Allen B. Nance & Polly A. Wade, dt Archd., Sr.; Thomas Stevens, Surety.
    Dec. 17, 1827; John C. Worley, s Henry & Mary B. Wade, dt John; Abner Reynolds, Surety; Married by
    William Harris, Dec. 22, 1827.
    Apr. 27, 1829; Archibald Wade, Jr. & Charity B. Wade, dt Archibald, Sr.; Allen B. Nance, Surety.
    Mar. 9, 1830; Thomas Stevens & Jane L. Wade, dt Archd.; Allen B. Nance, Surety; Married by William
    Harris, March 12, 1830.
    Jan. 18, 1831; Edmund Wade & Nancy Goff; Jordan Sledd, Surety.
    Dec. 17, 1831; Thomas Lyles & Susanna Wade, dt Isaac; John A. Wade, Surety; Married by Z. Worley.
    May 23, 1832; Richard Nunnally & Elizabeth Wade, dt Isaac; Wishington Nunnaly, Surety; Married by
    James Leftwich, May 24, 1832.
    Jul. 16, 1832; Hudson Megan & Nancy Wade, dt James; Abner Reynolds, Surety.
    Dec. 17, 1832; Isaac Wade & Mary Nance; John Nance, Surety, Married by Z. Worley.
    Mar. 27, 1833; John Wade & Eliza Oney, Thomas Oney, Surety.
    Dec. 2, 1833; Roger W. Creasy & Susanna G. Wade, dt Archibald; Paschal A. Gibbs, Surety.
    Dec. 15, 1834; Jubal Overstreet & Amanda Wade, dt Jane; William E. Crouch, Surety.
    Oct. 8, 1836; James Megan & Martha W. Wade; Simeon A. White, Surety; Consent of John Wade.
    Nov. 30, 1836; Alexander Wade, Jr. & Lucinda Nance, dt John; Saml. G. Tinsley, Surety; Married by
    William Leftwich, Dec. 20, 1836.
    Jan. 23, 1837; Gustavus A. Burton & Avaline Wade, dt Alexander; William F. Pullen, Surety.
    Jan. 25, 1838; William Wade & Elizabeth W. Dobyns, Daniel Drury, Surety; Married by William Leftwich,
    Feb. 8, 1838.
    Sep. 24, 1838; Richard Dearing & Celia Ann Wade; Archd. Wade, Sr., Surety.
    Oct. 22, 1838; Charles B. Williams & Matilda Wade, dt Archibald, Sr.; Gustavus A. Burton, Surety.
    Nov. 22, 1841; Samuel H. Martin & Martha G. Wade; Richard Dearing, Surety.
    Dec. 20, 1842; John Massie & Theodosia F. Wade, dt John; Addison Burton, Surety; Married by William
    Harris, Dec. 22, 1842.
    Feb. 27, 1843; William Wade & Mary Ann Martin; William A. Shepherd, Surety; Consent of John Martin.
    Apr. 27, 1844; Jeremiah Wade & Minney L. Shepherd; William A. Shephard, Surety.
    May 9, 1844; Thomas Massie & Catharine R. Wade, dt John; James Magor, Surety.
    Nov. 25, 1844; Thomas L. Wade & Mildred B. Wade, dt Archibald, Sr.; Archd. Wade, Sr., Surety.
    Dec. 14, 1846; George W. Witt & Margaret C. Wade, dt Archibald, Sr.; Calahill Wade, Surety.
    Dec. 14, 1847; Alfred M. Anderson & Frances H. Wade, dt Archibald, Jr.; Jefferson Wade, Surety.
    Jan. 29, 1850; Silas G. Wade & Nancy Nance, dt Paschal W.; P. W. Nance, Surety.
    Dec. 16, 1850; Abram Austin & America Wade, dt Mary E.; H. A. Wade, Surety; Married by John G.
    Shepperson, Dec. 18, 1850.
    Sep. 22, 1851; Solomon M. Wright & Martha Ann Wade; Isaac Wade, Surety; Married by James Leftwich,
    Sept. 25, 1851.
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    Robert Wade, Jr. of Anheim Parish, Halifax County, died after he wrote his will on 19 January 1764 and before it was proved on 20 June 1765. He gave his wife Ann, during her widowhood, her choice of either the plantation on which he lived or that on which his father lived and bequeathed two slaves, his personal property and stock of cattle to her. He left 750 acres of land on Linvilles Creek in Bedford County, part of 1500 acres which was recorded jointly in his name and that of Edmund Booker, and also a slave to his daughter Sarah Wade. He bequeathed the plantation on which his father lived, after his father's death, and a slave to his son Robert Wade. He left the plantation on which he lived and a slave to his son Hampton Wade. He gave a slave to his daughter Betty Wade. He instructed his executors Paul Carrington Clement, Memucan Hunt and Hampton Wade to sell the balance of his land and his stock of horses to pay debts, dividing the balance among his four children. Edward Wade, John Armstrong, William Borroum, William Wade and James (McDnarscill?) witnessed his signature. (Halifax County, Virginia, Will Book O, page 201, transcript, WADE WAID WAIDE.) A distribution of the estate of Ann Wade in 1775 went to Betty Wade, Sarah Wade, Hampton Wade and Robert Wade. (Book 1, page 121.),.
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