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    Isaac Lewis and Margaret Bristow (whose father is dead) married August 24, 1810, Bondsman - Samuel Prothero.
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    Josiah Harrison and Hannah Bristow (her father is dead; mother, Sarah Bristow), married December 13, 1812, Bondsman - Isaac Lewis.
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    Abel M Sargent and Sarah Bristow, widow of Benjamin Bristow, married June 11, 1823, Bondsman - Samuel Miles.
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    In the name of God Amen I Samuel Miles of the county and state aforesaid being in a weak habit of body but of sound mind and disposing memory do ordain and establish this instrument as my last will and testament in manner and form following viz
    I will that my body be decently interred in the earth and my soul to God who gave it. I give to my beloved wife Polly a boundary of land being the same on which I now live beginning at and including my meat house thence to my spring branch below the barn and so as not to interfere with the same, i.e., the barnyard thence down my spring branch to the mouth and thence down the creek to the mouth of the first branch on the western side of the creek below an old mill seat? thence up said branch to a rail fence thence with said rail fence a westerly course to its intersection of a fence running from the said meat house a northerly course thence with said fence to the beginning varying the line however so as to include a stable crib & ? the same the above named tract of land that I have willed to my wife is to be hers during her natural life or widowhood & at her decease or marriage it is to ? to my three sons James, William and Abraham.
    I also give to my wife two beds bedsteads and furniture one sorrel mare called Jim, the two youngest milch cows that now give milk, all my hogs and half the geese & sheep these last mentioned articles commencing with the two above named beds is to belong to my wife at her disposal forever and the articles of property that are next named are to return to my four daughters by name Sally, Nancy, Malinda and Synthia at and after the death or marriage of my wife and cupboard and furniture two oxen & 1 kettle one five gallon pot & a ten gallon kettle the newest ? ? plough two pair of drawing chains the best shovel plough half a dozen chairs the best how one folding table one desk one sugar chest two table cloths one loom one little wheel and on big wheel water pails biggins & four or five open ? barrels one pair of cotton cards & mirror one small table & candlesticks weaving ? and stays other best shopping ax and a washing tub.
    The unbroke hemp & toll of the ? mill raw cotton rolls & spun yarn.
    All the rest of my land I give to my three sons James William and Abraham which three sons are to maintain my son Luvis during his natural life. I give to my son Abraham a black horse called Jim to ? with a saddle & bridle. I give to my stepson Peter Vardamin one sorrel horse colt a yearling past and an ox, and bridle. I give to Wm Vardamin my stepson a last spring colt. I give to each of my daughters by name Nancy, Malinda, & Synthia one bed and bedstead three counter spins two sheets two bed quilts and one coverlet all the balance of my bed furniture I wish equally divided between my four daughters named in the top line of this page. I also give my four daughters a two year old redbird colt which is to remain with them on the premises for two years and then to be sold and the money equally divided among them all. I also give the other half of the sheep and geese to my three youngest daughters. I give to Sally Vardamin a two year old reddish brown heifer. I give the bed that belonged to my wife before our marriage to her two sons Peter & Wm. I wish my daughters that are unmarried to live with my wife and her children on the piece of ground that I allotted her & that for the support of all of them jointly. I give them all the corn tobacco wheat hay and fodder excepting however all the corn tobacco leather and fodder that is now known & called Abrahams the same I confirm unto him.
    I will that my two sons James and Abraham have my stock in the tan yard and for the same they are to furnish my family as described just above in leather for three years. All the residue of my property of whatsoever kind it may be to be sold and credit of twelve months out of the proceeds of which sale all my debts and expenses to be ? and the balance of the money together with all the money that is now owing to me to be equally divided between my four daughters. N.B. all my cigars I give to my wife and daughters and her daughter Sally. I also wish that my wife have privilege of getting timber from the land that I gave to my sons for the purpose of keeping up the farm?. I appoint my son in law James Miles and my friend Wm Christie Exrs of this my will. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal.
    Signed: Samuel Miles (seal)
    Att: James Miles Jun, Henry Bohannon

    Shelby County October term 1828
    A writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Saml Miles was produced in court whereupon James Miles and Henry Bohannon the subscribing witnesses thereto being sworn state that said writing was signed & acknowledged by the said Saml Miles as & for his last will & testament and that they believe the said Saml was of sound disposing mind and memory at the time of the same which will is ordered to be recorded and thereupon Wm Christie & James Miles the Exors named in said will came into court and took uopoonm themselves the burden of the execuriotn thereof and having taken the oath required by law and enetered into bond with Laithon Lee and Saml Miles their securities in the penalty of $800 conditioned as the law directs probate thereof is granted them in due form of law.
    Att: Ja s Whitaker, clerk, Shelby County Court.
  • [S1079] Cemeteries in Shelby County, Kentucky Page 112-113, Miles-Wilcoxson Cemetery, Garril Louis Kueber Sr.
    Miles-Wilcoxson Cemetery is located from Bagdad, Ky, drive north on Ky 395 for 1.1 miles and turn right on the Taylor-Bright Road. Travel east .8 miles to the farm now owned by J. Crawford. The cemetery is located along a fence about 500 feet east of the house. This cemetery, which covers an area measuring 40' by 32', is not protected by a fence. Cattle shade beneath the trees which have grown up alongside the graves and, as a result, many of the markers are down. In addition to the stones listed, the survey located five graves marked by fieldstones. This survey was made on July 23, 1978.
    Irene wife of Abram Miles born Dec 22, 1813 died Jan 2, 1872, aged 58 yrs & 10 Ds
    Abram Miles born Feb 7, 1809 died July 2, 1877.
    Sue F Major born Sept 9, 1836 married to S E Miles Jan 12, 1854 died Jan 30, 1874
    Abram F son of T D & R A Kesler born Mar 14, 1865 died Oct 10, 1870
    Joseph M son of A & I Miles born Oct 29, 1849 died July 31, 1851
    Ann Wife of S Miles died Apr 11, 1818 aged 36 yrs
    Rubine daughter of (F) P & B F Wilcoxson died Dec 30, 1862 aged 4 mos & 8 days
    Samuel Miles died Oct 7, 1828 aged 55 yrs
    Lewis Miles died Dec 3, 1828, aged 24 yrs 6 mos
    Nancy wife of L Wilcoxson born Nov 18, 1810 married Oct 27, 1829 died Aug 30, 1845 aged 35 yrs 2 ms 19 ds
    Lewis Wilcoxson born Sep 12, 1803 died May 10, 1861
    Lemon Miles died Aug 11, 1851 aged about 22 yrs
    Preston (G) Miles born Apr 3, 1833 died May 3, 1859 aged 26 yrs 1 mo.
  • [S1145] Thomas D Wilson and Belle Miles, marriage license and return, December 13, 1860, Volume 8, Kentucky, Shelby Co Marriage Records, Volumes 8-9, 1852-1869, film no. 0259275, Latter Day Saints Church, Salt Lake City, Utah,
    Thomas D Wilson of Boone, age 24, first marriage, farmer, born Boone father born Virginia, mother born Bourbon, and Belle Miles, of Shelby, age 18, first marriage, born Shelby, daughter of Abram Miles born Shelby, mother born Bourbon, married 13 Dec 1860. Bondsman - S E Miles. Marriage at house of A Miles by T M Daniel.
  • [S1201] A J Wilcoxson and Emma D Clayton, marriage license and return, September 7, 1865, Volume 9, Kentucky, Shelby Co Marriage Records, Volumes 8-9, 1852-1869, film no. 0259275, Latter Day Saints Church, Salt Lake City, Utah,
    A J Wilcoxson of Shelby, age 24, 1st marriage, M.D., born Shelby, father and mother born Shelby, and Emma D Clayton of Shelby, age 22, 1st marriage, born Shelby, daughter of Dr James Clayton, dec'd, born Kentucky, mother born Shelby, marrried September 7, 1865 at Mrs James Clayton's by T M Daniel, bondsman - Warren Clayton.
  • [S1357] Shirley Mikesell, Early Settlers of Montgomery County, Ohio page 152, Cincinnati, Ohio Public Library.
    Term of September, 1814
    Enos Miles apptd guardian to Isaac Rentfrew, 11 yrs, Jacob Rentfrew, 9 yrs, John Rentfrew, 6 yrs, minor heirs of Turpin Rentfrew, dec. Security: Philip Wagner, page 129.
  • [S1358] Montgomery Co, Ohio Chancery Records 1824-1854 page 115, Cincinnati, Ohio Public Library.
    April Term, 1845. Miles, Enos, guardian of John Rentfrow (idiot) vs. John Rentfrow 10 Jan 1845. Miles appointed guard. 5 Sep 1815 of John Rentfrow who is entitled to 1/8 part of SW 1/4 S28 T3R8- 51 acres. The 1/8 sold to Miles for debt of keeping John Rentfrow. (page 206).
  • [S1784] Cemeteries in Shelby County, Kentucky Page 142, Scroggin Cemetery, Garril Louis Kueber Sr.
    Scroggin Cemetery is reached by driving from Bagdad, KY north on Ky 395 for 2.4 miles. Turn right into the farm now(1978) owned by Less Johnson. Drive 100 feet to the house. These stones are located in the side yard about 40 feet south of the house and next to a shed.
    Our mother, Malinda, wife of Samuel Scroggin; born Aug 10, 1812, died June 26, 1872.
    Mahala J, daughter of G F & Sarah E Moore, born Aug 8, 1858, died May 3, 1863.
  • [S2703] Eula Richardson Hasskarl, Shelby County Kentucky Marriages 1792-1833 (May, 1983), Page 87, Marriage of James Bristow and Catherine Kester, Garril Louis Kueber Sr.
    Bristow, James and Catherine Kester married February 2, 1819, bondsman Lewis Kester.
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    Enos Miles
    male age 60-70: 1 (Enos)
    male age 20-30: 1 (?)
    male age 15-20: 1 (?)
    male age 10-15: 2 (?)
    female age 50-60: 1 (wife-?????)
    female age 10-15: 1 (?)
    female age to 5: 1 (?),.
  • [S2880] U.S. Census Ohio 1820, Enos Miles, Miami County, Jefferson Twp, 1820, Page 116, Ancestry.com census images, National Archives, Washington DC,
    Enos Miles
    male age over 45: 1 (Enos)
    male age 10-16: 4 (?)
    male age to 10: 4 (?)
    female age 26-45: 1 (wife-?????)
    female age 16-26: 1 (?)
    female age to 10: 1 (?),.
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