• [S414] Eula Richardson Hasskarl, Shelby County Kentucky Marriages 1792-1833 (May, 1983), Page 59, Marriage of Thomas Wade and Mary Wade, Garril Louis Kueber Sr.
    Thomas Wade and Mary Wade, daughter of Royal Wade, married 3 Jun 1813. Bondsman - Royal Wade. The Notes on Royal Wade, page 4, add that the minister was Abraham Cook who preached at Indian Fork Baptist Church, and that the parents of Thomas Wade have not been determined.
  • [S417] Eula Richardson Hasskarl, Shelby County Kentucky Marriages 1792-1833 (May, 1983), Page 78, Marriage of Jubal Lee and Sally Wade, Garril Louis Kueber Sr.
    Lee, Jubal and Wade, Sally married on 4 May 1817. The bondsman was Royal Wade, father of Sally.
  • [S428] William Gilbert Scroggins, Notes on William Wade, Dorothy D Ellis,unpublished, Bible published by C. Alexander and Company, 1834,Bible of Royal Wade,Pages 1- 3,
    The Wade Bible is an Alexander's Stereotype Edition, published by C. Alexander and Company, Athenian Building, Franklin Place, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1834. It has not been determined to whom it originally belonged, who made the entries or precisely how it descended to Ruth Duncan Ellis, who gave it to her daughter Dorothy Ellis Hedges, but it is reasonable to assume that she received it from her mother Martha Wade Duncan. The Bible also contained a loose-leaf birth record for the family of Jones and Polly Crook Johnson.

    While William G. Scroggins resided in New York City, he visited Bagdad soon after receiving a transcript of the Bible entries from Ronald Harrod in 1976. Mr. Scroggins telephoned Mrs. Hedges for permission to see and photograph the Bible. She reluctantly agreed, but when he arrived at her home, shortly after calling, she did not answer the door, apparently uneasy about admitting strangers into her house and a jealous guardian of the Bible which Ronald Harrod, another Wade descendent, described as "very old and rotten and moths have eaten part of it." It measured about 12 by 8 inches. The front cover was missing and the back cover was "very stiff" leather. Some of the pages appeared to be missing, from when he saw it some fifteen years earlier, while it was in the possession of Ruth Duncan Ellis.

    Most of the upper third of the family record page, containing the family of Royal and Rachel Jones Wade, is missing because of a diagonal tear, that carried away the names of the first four entries which probably included the parents, since the first remaining notation is the day and year of the birth of their first child Mary Wade in 1794:
    18, 1794
    Oct. 21, 1797
    Sarah Wade, born Sep. 19, 1799
    Rachael Wade, born May 8, 1801
    Susanah Wade, born Jul 2, 1802
    John Wade, born Jan. 2, 1803
    Marget Wade, born Apr. 28, 1805
    Anderson Wade, born Dec. 9, 1808
    Isaac Wade, born May 18, 1809
    Eliza Wade, born Dec. 11, 1811
    Josiah Wade, born Dec. 28, 1812
    Squire Wade, born May 4, 1814
    William Wade, born Aug. 7, 1817

    The following entries were written by two or three different hands in various places in the Bible:

    Rebecca Jane Wade, Feb. 13, 1846
    James William Wade, Jul. 6, 1847
    Mary Edna Wade, May 21, 1849
    Robert Warren Wade, May 6, 1851
    Martha Ellen Wade, Jun. 17, 1858

    Alfred Wade, Dec. 8, 1835
    Sally Wade, Nov. 1, 1836
    Jane Wade, Aug. 24, 1838
    Wlliam Henry Wade, Jul. 19, 1840
    John Berry Wade, Apr. 30, 1842

    William Lee Wade, Jun. 30, 1826
    William Anderson Wade, Apr. 17, 1837
    Jessie Wade, Oct. 13, 1838 John Samuel Wade, Jan. 18, 1840
    Elizabeth Wade, Feb. 23, 1841

    Obadiah Wade, Oct. 22, 1836

    Louisa C. Wade, Apr. 25, 1819

    Louisa Wade, Feb. 28, 1870, Aged 50 yrs 9 mo. 3 days
    Josiah Wade, Aug. 15, 1840

    Mary Edna Wade and William S. Scrogins married Jan. 25, 1866

    G. F. Duncan and R. J. Wade was married Apr. 9, 1868

    Martha Ellen Wade & W. D. Duncan were united by Thomas Daniel at William Scrogins on this 18th day of Sep. 1877 in presence of James R. Duncan and G. F. Duncan

    The birth entry for Martha Ellen Wade was copied erroneously as Mary Ellen in the Harrod transcript, as he later verified.

    Ronald Harrod described the Johnson family record as being a very old and fancy paper, not part of the Bible, but in it. He misread the name Jones Johnson as James Johnson and the middle initial of William Logan Johnson as J. but they are given correctly here for clarity:

    Family Records

    Jones Johnson, June 22, 1792
    Polly Johnson, July 26, 1788
    Elizabeth Johnson, Aug. 21, 1815
    Sally P. Johnson, Aug. 6, 1817
    Louisa C. Johnson, Apr. 25, 1819
    Polly Anne Johnson, Apr. 4, 1821
    William L. Johnson, Feb. 14, 1823
    Robert Warren Johnson, Jul. 25, 1825
    Fountain William Johnson, Jul. 15, 1828,.
  • [S438] William, Macfarlane, Jones edited, The Douglas Register (J W Ferguson and Sons, Richmond, VA 1928; republished Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1966), New Orleans Public Library.
    The Douglas Register is a compilation of the register kept by the Reverend William Douglas of St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia from 1750 to 1797.

    Pages 48 and 95:
    John Utley Wade & Elles Woodrum, both in this parish Oct: 21 1763. p.7.

    Page 148:
    Alice Woodrum and John Utley 8 Jany. 1770

    Page 310:
    Jo: Utley & Alice Woodrum a son named John born Jun: 8 1770. Baptized Aug: 12 1770. p.88.

    From Notes on John Utley Wade by William Scroggins, page 2: Although the name Wade does not appear in this entry, it undoubtedly pertains to John Utley Wade. 08 June 1770, the birthdate of John Wade, has been attributed to Anderson Wade in certain family records but, since the baptism of Anderson Wade is not included in the records of the Reverend William Doublas, it is not likely that he and John were twins. Anderson must have been born about 1772.

    Page 312:
    John-Utley Wade & Ellis Woodrum a son named Castletoun born Jan: 1 1765. Baptized Mar: 17 1765. p. 70.
    John Utley Wade & Ellis Woodrum a son named Ryal born Jul: 10 1766. Baptized Oct: 16 1766. p. 75.
    John Utley-Wade & Ellice Woodrum a Daughter named Susannah born Oct: 25 1768. Baptized Mar: 26 1769. p. 84.

    Page 405:
    John Utley: Year - 1762, Book - 8, Page - 222.

    From Notes on John Utley Wade by William Scroggins, pages 2-3:
    The Reverend William Douglas came to St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County, on 12 October, 1750. On 15 September 1753 he bagan keeping a record, which he stated was the first record kept for the parish, of marriages that he performed. He obtained a ledger in 1756 that became a permanent register for the parish and was maintained by him until his death in 1798. In 1756 he inserted many of the prior marriages that he had conducted and, at the request of some of the congregation, he also added some birth records going back to 1705. The church for St. James Parish was Dover Church, which was the first church in Goochland County. It was authorized to be constructed on 11 February 1720 at a cost of 54,990 pounds of tobacco. It was to be 50 feet long and 24 feet wide (THE DOUGLAS REGISTER).

    Dover Church is on Route 621 about three-quarters of a mile north of the village of Manakin at the intersection of 621 and Route 6, from Richmond to the town of Goochland. Manakin is about thirteen miles from Richmond and twelve miles from Goochland. There is a St. James Church on Route 649, about one-half mile south of Route 6 and two miles east of Manakin (State of Virginia General Highway map).

    The register contains no other references to John Utley and Alice Woodrum Wade or to their children although the family apparently resided in Goochland County until about 1788.

    (copy of pages 46-51, 90-91, 94-95, 120-123, 136-137, 146-149, 310-313, 324-325, 346-347, 364-367, 404-407 in Garril Kueber's library).
  • [S439] Marshall Wingfield, Marriage Bonds of Franklin County, Virginia 1786-1858 (Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore),originally published in 1939, republished 1973, Dallas Public Library.
    Page 46
    Bristoe, Benj. and Sarah Miles, daughter Samuel, 7 Dec 1789, Surety: David Pugh. Minister - Randolph Hall (#52).
    Page 104
    Hale, John and Susannah Wade, daughter John 17 May 1789. Surety: David Willis.
    Page 160
    Miles, Evan and Mary Christie, daughter James, 4 Aug 1800, Surety: James Christie.
    Miles, Enos and Anna Buckanan, 25 Jul 1789, Surety: Moses Beck, Minister - Randolph Hall (#52).
    Miles, Isaac and Mary Jones, daughter John and Mary, 24 Jan 1787. Surety John Chambers. Minister - #66.
    Miles, James and Caty Miksel, 3 Feb 1799. Surety John Miksel. Minister - #89.
    Miles, James E., son Jordon, and Mary Jane Richards, daughter Simpson, 15 Nov 1853. Minister - #68.
    Miles, John and Mary Ann McGhee, 20 Oct 1838. Surety: Nelson McGhee. Minister - #132.
    Miles, Jourdan and Oney Guilliams, 22 Nov 1830. Surety: Robert Guilliams. Minister - #48.
    Miles, Julius and Elizabeth A. Waggoner, 1 Nov 1841. Surety: Daniel Waggoner. Minister - #132.
    Miles, Perrigon G. and Martha J Oxley, Jan 1851. Minister - #132.
    Page 232
    Wade, Benj. H. and Mary Louisa Taylor, 18 Dec 1852. Minister - #47.
    Wade, Bradley and Magdalen Gibson, 4 Mar 1850. Surety Nicholas Cassell. Minister - #68.
    Wade, Bradley and Rachael Lemon, 5 Feb 1810. Surety Isaac Lemon.
    Wade, Henry and Polly Gallaspie, daughter Evan, 15 Aug 1820. Surety: William Gillaspie. Minister - #130.
    Wade, Henry H. and Julia E. Patterson, 27 Nov 1834. Surety: John H. Wade. Minister - #60.
    Wade, Issac and Elizabeth Haynes, 4 Feb 1842. Surety: Nicholas Cassell. Minister - #68.
    Wade, Jefferson and Mary Jane Smith, 29 Dec 1847. Surety: John A. Smith.
    Wade, John and Alley Hale, 7 Mar 1814. Surety: John Hale. Minister - #122.
    Wade, John and Phebe Akers, 18 Dec 1834. Minister - #134.
    Wade, John and Hannah Jones, daughter Henry, 30 Jan 1792. Surety: John Hale. Minister - Randolph Hall (#52).
    Wade, Lewis and Elizabeth B. Hale, 21 Jul 1826. Surety: Francis Hale. Minister - #61.
    Wade, Reuben and Lucy Martin, daughter Hugh, 30 Jan 1801. Surety: John Mullins.
    Wade, Robert and Ann Standifer, 6 Jun 1808. Surety: Luke Standifer.
    Wade, Robert and Sarah Haynes, daughter Drewry, 7 Feb 1850. Surety: Isaac Wade. Minister - #68.
    Page 233
    Wade, Royal and Rachael Jones 24 Feb 1791, Surety: John Hale, Minister - Randolph Hall (#52).
  • [S440] Cemeteries in Shelby County, Kentucky (Shelby County Historical Society, (1978)), Indian Fork Cemetery, Garril Louis Kueber Sr.
    Pages 129-134 Indian Fork Baptist Church Cemetery is located 1.9 miles northeast of Bagdad on Ky route 12. The church and cemetery are on the left next to the highway. The Indian Fork Baptist Church was established in 1806. The cemetery occupies about one-half acre on the south side of the building. The grounds are well maintained and most of the markers are in good condition. In an effort to make it easier to mow the area, most of the foot markers appear to have been taken up and the fieldstones which marked some graves have been laid flat on the ground. The rows begin on the south side of the cemetery and the graves in each row are listed starting on the east side. This survey was made on October 15, 1978.
    Page 130 has:
    Hayden, J B, Dec 17, 1827 - Aug 2, 1916
    Hayden, Mary Jane, W/O J B Hayden, Dec 28, 1828 - Oct 7, 1912
    Hill, T. J., 1842-1914
    Hill, Martha Facker, W/O T. J. Hill, Aug. 4, 1842-July 7, 1917
    Facker, Albert, Nov. 3, 1835-Feb. 16, 1898
    Facker, John, Father, 1839-1911
    Wade, Obediah, Father, Oct. 22, 1836-Jan. 25, 1911
    Wade, Eusebia N., Wife, Nov. 1, 1845-Apr. 21, 1925
    Johnson, Leroy, 1866-1933
    Johnson, Sallie, 1861-1936
    Cook, William M., June 9, 1822-July 17, 1893
    Cook, Cynthia A., W/O William, Aug. 7, 1819-Feb. 16, 1913
    Cook, Samuel M., Apr. 8, 1857-Feb. 1, 1893
    Cook, Rynthia, W/O Samuel Cook, Nov. 19, 1856-June 15, 1913
    Scrogins, W. S., Father, Jan. 13, 1843-Jan. 21, 1905 Scrogins, Mary Edna Wade, Mother, May 21, 1849-May 6, 1924, W/O W. S. Scrogins
    Page 131 has:
    Miles, Ann, June 18, 1818-May 13, 1902
    Wade, James M, Sep 12, 1882-June 7, 1902
    Miles, Newton, Nov 29, 1829-Mar 1, 1902
    Kesler, James, May 24, 1805-May 1, 1893
    Kesler, Nancy, W/O James Kesler, Sep. 21, 1805-June 12, 1887
    Scroggins, Benjamine, Father & Mother, Jan. 24, 1811-May 9, 1875
    Scroggins, Permelia, His Wife, Nov. 14, 1814-May 31, 1899
    Wade, Wm. Elzy, Oct. 3, 1829-Jan. 21, 1868
    Harrod, Louisa Scroggin, Dec. 1, 1836-Feb. 20, 1899
    Page 132 has:
    Mathew L Hazelett, Nov 10, 1817-July 16, 1883
    Kesler, Francis H., S/O J. & N. Kesler, Apr. 25, 1933-Jan. 31, 1843
    Clemons, Sue, W/O H Clemons, Oct 21, 1838-June 22, 1870
    Cook, Armania, D/O W.M. & C.A. Cook, June 5, 1853-Nov. 11, 1856
    Guthrie, James W, S/O Lewis & Ann Guthrie, June 25, 1836 - Jan 13, 1850.
    Kesler, James W., Nov. 7, 1830-Sep. 21, 1852
    Kesler, Isaac J., S/O J. & N. Kesler, June 1, 1836-(Oct.) 23, 1861
    Miles, Susanah, W/O Samuel Miles, July 22, 1802-Oct. 20, 1862
    Wade, Elizabeth, W/O Mosley Wade, August 30, 1811-June 9, 1863
    Page 133 has:
    Wade, B. K., Sep. 12, 1853-Apr. 14, 1894
    Wade, Eliza, W/O B. K. Wade, July 19, 1856-May 29, 1884
    Wade, Lewiza, D/O W. & E. Wade, July 8, 1845 - August 14, 1850
    Page 134 has:
    Miles, Samuel Oct 25, 1796 - Apr 13, 1885.
  • [S952] Family Bible of Anderson Wade and Polly Ann Johnson, Family record pages held by Glinda Kueber Tufts (rest of book discarded)., Glinda Sue Kueber,
    Anderson Wade was married unto Polly Ann Johnson Septr 1847.
    Henry B Harrod and Isabelle Wade was united in the holy bonds of matrymony October the 24 1894
    Children of Obediah Wade
    Jeffrey Wade son of Obediah married Emma Faker
    Mildred Wade to William Martin
    Enos Wade to Mollie Faker
    Preston Wade to Kate (Moore then to Hulette- these words are written in a confusing manner).
    Waller Wade to Kate Forbes.

    Anderson Wade was born December 9th 1808.
    Mary Ann Wade was born May 6th 1821.
    Obadiah Wade was born October 22nd 1836.
    Isabel Wade was born May 26th 18xx(it appears the original writing was blotted out and 1850? written).
    Jeffrey Wade was born March 16th 1851.
    Jeffry Wade son of Obediah was born November the 8th 1860.
    Fountain Porter Wade was born May 18th 1854.
    William S Wade was born August the 13th 1862.
    Jeffrey Wades children:
    Effie Wade born 1888
    Vera Wade born 1891.
    Saine Wade born 1894.
    Enos Wade's children:
    Earl Wade born 1888.
    Nellie Wade born 1891.

    Mildred Wade Martin's daughter Hattie Martin born 1889.
    Preston Wade's children:
    Robert Wade
    Mattie Wade
    Betty Wade
    Waller Wade
    Hattie Wade
    Waller Wade's children:
    twins Eusebia & Frances

    H B Harrod was born July the 26 1853.
    Isabell Wade was born May the 26 1842?
    Edna Lee Miles was born January the 6 1892
    Obadiah Wade's children:
    Jeffrey Wade was born November the 8th 1860.
    Mildred Wade was born April the 4th 1862.
    Enos M Wade was born May the 16th 1863.
    Preston Jesse Wade was born August the 10th, 1967 died May 4, 1908.
    Ivan Waller Wade was born August the 20th, 1869.
    Jeffrey Wade died November the 7th, 1857, aged six years and eight months.
    Fountain Porter Wade departed this life November thirteenth 1877, aged 23 years, 5 months, and 25 days.
    William S Wade died March the 8th, 1882.
    Anderson Wade died April the 20, 1883.
    Mary Ann Wade died March 1894, age 73.
    Miss Isabell Harrod was born May the 26 1848 and departed this life January the 16, 1927.
  • [S1148] Samuel Miles-Margaret Wade, marriage license and return, November 10, 1863, Volume 9, license no. 2956, Kentucky, Shelby Co Marriage Records, Volumes 8-9, 1852-1869, film no. 0259275, Latter Day Saints Church, Salt Lake City, Utah,
    Samuel Miles, sr. of Shelby, age 67, third marriage, born Woodford, father and mother born Virginia, and Margaret Wade of Shelby, age 56, first marriage, born Shelby, married 10 Nov 1863. Bondsman - T. A. Hartford. Marriage at Miss Margaret Wade's.
  • [S1287] GEDCOM, William Gilbert Scroggins, reviewed update of March 6, 1998.
  • [S1873] Royal Wade and Rachel Jones, marriage bond register, February 24, 1791, Virginia, Franklin County, Marriage Bond Register, 1786-1853, film 0031523, item 1, Latter Day Saints Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah,
    Bond for Royal Wade and Rachel Jones February 24, 1791, surety John Hale. Minister Randolph Hall. Date of marriage March 1, 1791.
  • [S1874] Royal Wade and Rachel Jones, marriage bond register, February 24, 1791, Virginia, Franklin County, Marriage Bonds, 1789-1793, film 1977985, Latter Day Saints Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah,
    Bond for Royal Wade and Rachel Jones February 24, 1791, surety John Hale. Signed by Royal Wade and John Hale's mark.
  • [S1951] E-mail from Gary Holmlund, to Garril L Kueber, October 10, 2000.
  • [S2558] Royal and Rachel Wade Family Group Sheet, probably by either Hattie Martin Kesler or Effie Wade, from unknown sources handwritten, Royal Wade born July 25, 1766 (Father)
    Rachel Wade his wife born Mch 16, 1776 (Mother)
    Mary Wade the oldest child born June 18, 1794
    Royal Wade son born Oct 21, 1797
    Sarah Wade born Sept 19, 1799
    Rachel Wade born May 8, 1801
    Susan Wade born July 2, 1802
    John Wade born Jan 2, 1803
    Margaret Wade born Apr 28, 1805
    Anderson Wade born Dec 29, 1808
    Isaac Wade born Mch 18, 1809
    Elizabeth Wade born Dec 11, 1811 (1886, probably death)
    Josiah Wade born Dec 26, 1812
    Squire Wade born May 4, 1814
    Wm Wade born Aug 7, 1817
    Wesley Wade the oldest grandchild of the two old people was born May 10, 1811.
    Anderson Wade died Apr 20, 1883
    Royal Wade (1st) died July 15, 1854
    Mary Wade died Jan 11, 1822
    Royal Wade (2nd) died Mch 11, 1884
    Rachel Wade Brawner died Dec 21, 1893
    Susan Wade Milse died 1862
    Margaret Wade died May 24, 1884
    Elza Wade died Apr 21, 1886
    Squire Wade died Mch 4, 1888
    Wm Wade died Oct 7, 1862.
  • [S2678] William G Scroggins, John Jones (1733-1793), this source can be viewed at http://wgscroggins.kueber.us/Jones1_John_1733.pdf, Garril Louis Kueber Sr,unpublished, last updated March 22, 1995,.
  • [S2944] U.S. Census Indiana 1930, Gayle Kesler, Clark County, Charlestown Twp, ED 10-4, May 8, 1930, Sheet 16B, River Road, Dwelling 359, Family 364, Ancestry.com census images, Micropublication ?, National Archives, Washington DC,
    Kessler, Gayle H, head, male, white, age 32, married age 21, farmer, born Kentucky, father born Kentucky, mother born Kentucky
    Kessler, Rose C, wife, female, white, age 29, married age 18, born Kentucky, father born Kentucky, mother born Kentucky
    Kessler, Mary E, daughter, female, white, age 9, born Kentucky, father born Kentucky, mother born Kentucky
    Kessler, Anna G, daugter, female, white, age 3 11/12, born Indiana, father born Kentucky, mother born Kentucky,.
  • [S3192] Ancestry.com database, Kentucky Births 1911-1999, this source may be viewed at ancestry.com,.
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